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Am writting to you today because i have been solely touched by what happened to dada Jomata Masaka. Apparently she's from Dodoma and she came to Dar last month with her two little angels, She thought she had cancer but tests at the Ocean Road hospital alhamdulilah showed she was all clear,in last week Uwazi's newspaper she appealed for help for her two little angels she was at the Muhimbili national hospital she was receiving treatment but she was unable to rest because sadly the little angels needed to be looked after anyways when i read  this week Uwazi  newspaper via global publishers website sadly one of her little angel passed away (may god rest his soul in eternal peace) and she is now leaving in mbezi beach with her only son in this little cottage where people used to keep dogs sadly and she's asking people for help her story is there in the paper.
Anyways i thought i could let go of few things so that i could help dada Jomata with whatever god gave me
and while i was browsing your blog as usual i thought you dada will be the perfect person in this kind of situations simply cause your woman and can know what another woman goes through emotionally, your an activist and most importantly a role model hopefully when you make a best example people may be tempted to follow.
Kindly send me your contact details so that i can contact your sooner to arrange payments and hopefully once you receive it your can make small precious time of yours and pay a visit to dada Jomata am certainly with gods grace it will do good.
Have a good and blessed weekend and looking forward to your reply.
Best Regards,
University of Greenwich,london.

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you can also be a good samaritan,by helping vulnarable children,widows,people with dissabilities,nk,
kindly call us on the above no

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